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photography portfolio example


Being a photographer waiting to make a professional photography portfolio, until you’ve reached certain milestones in your career is not possible. In fact, it’s exactly what you need in order to get into commercial photography.

Let me show, how you can start.

This course is a step by step hands on process into making your 1st professional portfolio.

Date of Workshop : 10th September 2022
Time of Workshop : 10.30 AM TO 12:30 PM




When photographing landscapes, the most important and the key element involved in the process is composition of your image. What you should include and what you should not, while arranging these elements in an interesting fashion within the frame is the most difficult decision to make.
Representing a three-dimensional scene in a two-dimensional medium is possible due to few basic but very important compositional rules.

In this workshop I am going to teach you these composition techniques, which if applied appropriately, will enable you to take striking and well-balanced photographs every time.

This workshop can be attended by hobby & amateur photographers and travel enthusiast using only mobile or point and shoot cameras for capturing images.

Date of Workshop : To be Announced
Time of Workshop : To be Announced



Landscape photography has a global appeal. Photographers often go to extraordinary scenic locations to capture breathtaking landscapes. 

The word ‘photography’ literally means ‘painting with light’. Light is an integral part of all photographs. However, beautiful scenery and magnificent light cannot guarantee a great photograph. Knowledge of camera settings and choice of lens will create the final dramatic scenery. Accurate exposure is crucial to capture brilliant sceneries. The knowledge of aperture settings is very important to achieve an image with complete sharpness from back to front and shutter speed to record motion to create interesting patterns. Strong composition creates strong images and hence is the key. The visual capability to arrange these key elements within the landscape in an interesting manner is the most important aspect of photographing a landscape. Needless to say, balancing light in different parts of a landscape keeping the dynamic range of a camera in mind is extremely essential.

This workshop covers all these topics and much more.

Date of Workshop : To be Announced
Time of Workshop : To be Announced